Childcare Vouchers

This guide follows on from the set up guides for Clubs, Plays, Trips and Other Events

Childcare Vouchers 

To ensure parents can indicate they are paying with Childcare Vouchers, you must set up your Club/Event with the following two specific configurations: 

1. Payment

For those clubs available to parents using Childcare Vouchers ensure on the Payment section of Configure Event you do NOT select the Require Immediate Payment option:

2. Booking Questions

Booking notes can be used to gather any relevant information from parents. In this case to ask parents if they are planning to use Childcare Vouchers as payment. 

If parents can pay for any club with Childcare Vouchers you can apply a booking question to All Clubs:

Alternatively, if only particular  clubs can be paid for by Childcare Vouchers, you can apply a booking question to each individual club.

In the example screenshot below the two Swimming clubs would qualify for Childcare Vouchers, so you would add a question for those specific clubs only:
When you click Add Question you can select any number of answer types:

Use the Dropdown option to provide the parents with set options to select as a payment:

Use Yes/No to provide parents a binary 'yes' or 'no' reply to a specific question:Use Text Field to allow parents to write in how they will be paying for the event:

With any of these options ticking This question is mandatory means that parents must answer it in order to make a booking.

Note: Please be aware this process will only require parents to indicate they are intending to pay for a club or event with Childcare Vouchers. If you are recording payments on the system, all payments will be recorded as cash payments.

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