How to set up Clubs

To set up Clubs (or edit existing ones) log into your system as an Administrator and click Clubs & Events on the coloured Navigation Bar at the left hand side of the screen.

and then click Add Clubs to set up a new one, or click on any already existing example to edit it.

Note: If you do not see Clubs & Events, but would like to use it, please contact us on or 0333 344 3403 and ask for more details - or see the Clubs & Events section of our website.

This will load the Basic Details stage of Configure Event.

1. Basic Details

Enter suitable details in the Name and Description fields. This will be shown to parents when they log in and included in the confirmation emails sent to parents. If the event will contain a number of clubs then this is where you would indicate the nature of those clubs (e.g. 'Monday Clubs', 'Spring Term Clubs', etc). If you have just one club running under this event then the Name and Description would just be specific to that club.

Opening Time for Clubs is where you set the dates on which your clubs will be available for parents to book them, or express preferences. We will also refer to this below as the booking window.

Booking Mode has two options available, these will apply to all the clubs included in this event:

Immediate Booking: when parents make bookings during the booking window they are confirmed immediately (also known as "first-come, first-served").

Preference Based: parents submit ranked preferences during the booking window. Admins can also add preferences on behalf of parents. After the window closes you can allocate places based on their preferences. For details of how to do this please see this article: Clubs: assigning places based on preference

Please be aware that parents will not be asked booking questions when selecting preferences.

Select the mode you want and then click Next to go to the Clubs stage.

2. Clubs

In this stage you can add individual clubs to the event (or edit any that have already been added) as well setting up payment, if needed.

Note: There are three main steps in this stage. When adding a club you click Next to move between them. If you are editing an existing club, you can access the steps within it by clicking them at the top of the page:

If you have set up clubs in the past, you will be asked at this stage if you want to copy any of those clubs - you can then edit the details to update them as required.

A. Club Information

You are required to enter the Club Name and Information in order to save the club - whatever you enter will be shown to parents when they go to make a booking.

Location is an optional field

Capacity is a required field where you should enter the number of places that each session of the club will have available.

Student Filters allow you to choose who can book a place in the club. By default all students are selected, however by clicking Change Filters you can limit this. For more information see Using the student filters

Click Next to go to the Dates & Times step.

B. Date & Times

If your clubs booking mode is Preference Based you now set the first and last dates on which this particular club occurs (if the clubs event booking mode is Immediate Booking you also have the option to tick This club occurs on a single date, in which case you set that date and then skip to selecting the start and end times of the club).

For Date Range select the first and last date on which the club runs.

Under Recurrence you will be presented with the option to set when your club is running. If your club always happens on the same day of the week, choose the day, and set the frequency of the recurrence (by default this is every week). When you choose a day, a calendar will appear showing the dates in the recurrence.

Finally, select the start and end times of the club. If you have selected one day within the recurrence you will have only one option to enter the details.

Then click Next to move on to the Payment step.

C. Payment

  1. If there is no cost for booking the club leave the There is a cost for this club box unticked and click Save at the bottom of the screen to return to the main Clubs stage, where you will see a summary for each club already added. To add more click the blue Add Another Club button at the top right.
  2. If there is a cost for the club tick There is a cost for this club. This will present you with the following Price options:

    Under How the price is calculated select your option for payment and the amounts you want to charge:Price for Entire Club: if you want to set the overall cost of the club.

    Per Session: if you want to set a price per session

    Per Session & Discounted Price for Entire Club: if you want to set a price per session as well as a discounted price if someone books all sessions.Next you configure how payment will be collected. If you select The School you can either:

  3. Tick the box to Require immediate Payment - in which case payment will be taken as soon as a parent books, using any payment method set up for your system (see Setting up Payment Providers for further information).

    Note: For clubs that are Preference Based: because bookings do not exist until assigned/confirmed by the school, no payment can be taken through your payment provider via Clubs & Events. Payment for such clubs needs to be taken directly by the school.

    Or leave it unticked, in which case the price will show on screen to the parents but no payment will be taken.
    You can then enter Payment instructions for parents - for example to bring cash on the day, call in to the School Office, etc.

    If External provider/other is selected the price will show on screen to the parents but no payment will be taken.
    You can then enter Payment instructions for parents - for example to bring cash on the day, call in to the School Office, etc.

    Note: If you wish to allow parents to indicate that they are paying via Childcare Vouchers, ensure the Require Immediate Payment option is deselected. Please see our guide Childcare Vouchers for more details.

    Click Save to go back to the main Clubs stage.

  4. On the main Clubs stage you will see a summary for each club already added. To add more click the blue Add Another Club button at the top right.
    At the foot of the page is the option to set a Club Limit on the number of clubs a student can be booked into via the How many clubs can be booked per student drop down. For example: if you have an event that contains only Monday Lunchtime Clubs you might want to set a limit of 1, since a student could not physically attend more than one simultaneous club.

    Click Next to go to the final Booking Questions stage.

3. Booking Questions

This stage allows you to add questions, these can be optional, or mandatory, added to all the clubs in an Event, or only to specific clubs.

To set a question on all clubs within the event click Add Question under All Clubs. Alternatively (or in addition) where a question is club specific use Add Question beneath the relevant club.

The available options under Type of Answer are:

  • Text Field: allows the parents to type an answer to the question in their own words.
  • Yes/No: allows the parents only a binary 'yes' or 'no' reply.
  • Date Field: allows the parents to enter a date.
  • Drop Down: this allows you to select a range of pre-set responses for parents to choose from. You add options by typing in text, then pressing enter to load another entry box. You can reorder the options by clicking and dragging them, or delete them by clicking the bin icon.

Tick This question is mandatory if you want parents to be obliged to answer it before they can make a booking.

Once all your questions have been added click Submit to create your clubs event and go to the Event Dashboard.

To view the answers given to questions go to Manage Bookings and Export All Bookings - the answers for each parent are given in the resulting spreadsheet.

All the above can be revisited and edited at any time via Clubs & Events > clicking on an event > Configure Event.

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