How to set up Keyworker Bookings

To set up Keyworker Bookings we recommend using the Other event type, as set out below.

Log into your system as an Administrator and click Clubs & Events on the Navigation Bar at the left hand side of the screen.

Under Other Events click Add Other Events.

This will load the Basic Details stage of Configure Event.

1. Basic Details

Enter some general information in the Name and Description fields that covers all the individual events/sessions you will be grouping under this overall event. This information will be shown to parents when they log in. 

The Booking Type for this specific overall event is determined by how many places you are offering to a family:

  • Student Based - select this option if you will be providing spaces only for children enrolled at the school.
  • Parent Based - select this option if you will be providing spaces for children enrolled at the school and their younger/older siblings who do not attend the school (and therefore are not in your system). 

Click Next to go to the Events stage

2. Events

You can now add individual events (or edit any that have already been added) as well as adding sessions to those events, setting limits and setting up payment, if needed, etc.

You will be asked if you would you like to copy from previous events - that if you are setting up your first Keyworker Bookings event you should create a new event from scratch.

Note: There are four steps in this stage. When adding an event you click Next to move between each step. If you are editing an existing event, you can access the steps within it by clicking on them at the top of the page.

A. Event Information

You are required to enter the Event Name and Information in order to save the event - whatever you enter will be shown to parents when they go to make a booking. It will also be included in their confirmation email after they make a booking.

Location is an optional field.

Capacity is a required field where you should enter the number of places that each session of the event will have available. For example, if you can host a total of 50 children per day the capacity per session should be 50.

Bookings Open to Parents is when the event is open to parents for bookings. Once you've selected the date, you will be able to select a time. 

Bookings Closed to Parents is when the event is closed to parents for bookings. Once you've selected the date, you will be able to select a time. You can set specific closing times for each session on the Dates & Times page. 

Note: Admins have the ability to add bookings outwith the booking window for parents. 

Student Filters allow you to choose who can book a place in the event. By default all students are selected, however by clicking Change Filters you can narrow this down. For more information see Using the student filters.

Click Next to go to the Dates & Times step.

B. Date & Times

Here you enter the dates and times for your event. Each timeslot/session you enter for this event will have the capacity you set on the previous step.

Once you have set up all of your sessions, you can then set a Closed for bookings date if required. 

  • Close bookings for all sessions at a specific date & time:This option allows you to set one closing date for all sessions. 
  • Closed bookings for all sessions at a specified time before the start of the session:This option will set the closing date to be the same period of time before each session. In this example, the closing date will be 3 days before the session is due to start. You will have the option to pick from minutes, hours, days, weeks and months. 
  • Close bookings at specific dates & times for each session:
    This option will allow you to set a specific date and time - this is configurable for each individual session. 

Once you have configured this page, click Next to move on to the Booking Limits step.

C. Booking Limits

Depending on which option you chose in the Event Group set up, you can now determine the Booking Limits restrictions to apply. 

Student Based

If you are only providing spaces for students enrolled in your school, you would have selected the Student Based booking type. You will be prompted to select how many sessions a child can been booked onto:

If you wish to allow parents the option to book all the sessions, you can leave this as No Limit

Parent Based

If you would like to provide families with more places to include children not currently enrolled at school, you would have selected the Parent Based booking type.

For Keyworker bookings, we recommend selecting the Family limit - this will ensure the a family will be allowed a set number of places, regardless of which parent logs in to book.

  • How many tickets are allowed per family? - This is used to set how many places/tickets can be allowed across all available sessions within the event.
  • How many sessions can families book? - This is used to restrict the number of sessions that can be booked by a family. If you wish to allow all sessions to be bookable, leave this as No Limit
  • How many tickets can families book on any one session? - This is used to restrict the number of places/tickets allowed per family per session. For example, if the highest number of children to be booked per family is 3, you can set the restriction for each session to be 3 to ensure families do not exceed this number places on any one session. 

Once the limits are set click Next to go to the Payment Details step.

D. Payment

If there is no cost for booking do not tick There is a cost for this event box and click Save at the bottom of the screen to return to the main Events stage, where you will see a summary for each event already added. 

If you need to make or pass on a charge (e.g. for testing) to families, click here to view our general guide on Other type events - this includes how to configure a payment option. 

Click Save to go back to the main Events stage.

Adding more Events

On the main Events stage you will see a summary for each event already added. To add more click the blue Add Another Event button at the top right.
At the foot of the page is the option to set a Event Limit on the number of events a student can be booked into via the How many events can be booked per student drop down. For example: if you have more than one event for the same set of students and you only want them booking one event, set this limit to 1. 

Click Next to go to the final Booking Questions stage.

3. Booking Questions

This stage allows you to add questions, these can be optional, or mandatory, added to all the events in an event group, or only to specific events.

To set a question on all events within the event group click Add Question under All Events. Alternatively (or in addition) where a question is event specific use Add Question beneath the relevant event.

Whichever option you choose, you are presented with a form to set the question. At the top is a reminder of what the question applies to:

Under this enter the text of the Question and choose the Type of Answer you require.

The available options under Type of Answer are:

  • Text Field: allows the parents to type an answer to the question in their own words.
  • Yes/No: allows the parents only a binary 'yes' or 'no' reply.
  • Date Field: allows the parents to enter a date.
  • Drop Down: this allows you to select a range of pre-set responses for parents to choose from. You can add options by typing in text, then pressing enter to load another entry box. You can reorder the options by clicking and dragging them, or delete them by clicking the bin icon.

Tick This question is mandatory if you want parents to be obliged to answer it in order to make a booking.
Click Save which will take you back to the main Booking Questions page, where you will see a summary of questions already added and can edit them, or add more if wished.

Once all your questions have been added click Submit to finish your event group setup and go to the Event Dashboard.

To view the answers given to questions go to Manage Bookings and Export All Bookings - the answers for each parent are given in the resulting spreadsheet.

All the above can be revisited and edited at any time via Clubs & Events > clicking on an event group > Configure Event.

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