Recording or Refunding Payments & Viewing Transactions

This article shows you how to record a payment and view any transactions that have occurred where an event has a charge associated with it, as well as how to refund a payment.

PayPal payments will only become available if you have set up integration with your system.

Recording Payments

  1. Navigate to Clubs and Events from your SchoolCloud system located on the taskbar at the left.
  2. Click on Manage Bookings.
  3. Select the trip or student you wish to view bookings for.
  4. On the end of each row you will see a there bar menu icon:
  5. Click this and select Record Payment.
  6. You will be presented with the following screen:
  7. Select the payment method from the dropdown box.
  8. You can click on the calendar icon to select the date payment was received.
  9. Lastly, type the payment amount into the last box at the bottom of the dialog.
  10. Click Record Payment.

Note: If you try to record a payment for a parent that has already paid you will see this dialog:

Refunding Payments

  1. From the Manage Bookings page, click on the menu icon at the end of the row for the student/parent you wish to refund (similar to Step 4 of recording payments).
  2. Click Refund Payment.
  3. You will be presented with the following screen: 
  4. You can choose a Partial refund, which will allow you to edit the amount to be returned to the parent, or  you can click on Full Refund, where the total amount to be returned will be highlighted in the pop-up dialog box.
  5. Lastly, confirm the amount to be refunded in the last text box and click Refund.

Viewing Transactions

You can view all of your transactions for an event by navigating to Clubs and Events on your SchoolCloud system.

Click Transactions.

From here you can view all transactions for an event, and filter them down by Transaction Type, Parent and Date Range.

You can also save to PDF or print a list of the transactions by clicking Print at the top of the list.

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