Registers - How to Record Student Attendance

This article shows you how to you to record attendance, or take a register of students attending your club or trip.

Note: This option is only available if you have set up an Event as a Club or Trip - it is not currently available for the event types Plays or Other.

Recording Attendance as an Administrator

  1. From the navigation bar at the left of the screen select Clubs & Events. Click on the menu icon (the three lines at the end of the row) for the relevant Club or Trip 
    Select Attendance.
  2. From the dropdown that appears select the Club or Trip you would like to record the attendance for.Next choose the Session of the Club or Trip.
  3. If the session selected has bookings you will see details of those bookings, along with any attendance details already recorded.To record a preference simply select the relevant option in the Attendance columnYou can also record this in bulk via Bulk Change Attendance at the top of the screen.As soon as you have recorded the Attendance for a student this will also update the Attendance Taken column with the date and time that the attendance was recorded. If recorded as Present a green circle will also be displayed next to the attendance. 

    If recorded as Absent a red circle will show.
    If you need to change the attendance record you can simply update the column to the preferred option.
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