Pupil Asset: How to set up Pupil Asset Integration

This article takes you through the steps to sync data from Pupil Asset both when setting your SchoolCloud system up for the first time, and when you want to refresh the data that is held on the system when needed.

Setting up Pupil Asset integration

Note: This section only needs to be followed if you are setting your system up for the first time or your Pupil Asset details have updated. If the integration is already set up please follow the 'Syncing your data from Pupil Asset' section below.

To set up Pupil Asset please follow these steps:

  1. Login to Pupil Asset and go to Admin > School Options > Integration.
  2. Click the Authorise button beside Parents Evening System / www.parentseveningsystem.co.uk
  3. Send an email to schoolcloud@tes.com with your "schoolRef" number, which is listed in bold under "Step 2" near the top of the page. 
  4. We will then complete the setup and perform the first sync for you.
  5. Following our initial sync, we'll reply to you to let you know it's finished.

Syncing your data from Pupil Asset

Once your integration has been set up as above, you can perform a sync from Pupil Asset to SchoolCloud at any time using the Run button in the Data Dashboard
We would normally recommend you do this before setting up a new event to ensure all your data is up to date. You can run a sync while you have a live event although please be aware that if a teacher, parent or student has been removed from Pupil Asset, they and their associated bookings will also be removed from the system when you run the sync.

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