iSAMS: What to do when iSAMS data is not being imported

NOTE: In addition to the information below, please note that the information supplied via the iSAMS API is always out of date by at least one hour. This means there will be a delay between you changing the data in iSAMS and those changes being available to sync with SchoolCloud.


If students are not being brought across, please ensure that they have: 

  1. A class which has an assigned teacher.
  2. A date of birth
  3. A year group (eg Year 6)


If a parent is not being brought across, please ensure that they have:

  1. The contact shows in the iSAMS API. Depending on your API key's settings, the contact types shown may differ. This can be edited at a later date in the API key's methods.
  2. A title (eg Mr, Mrs, Dr), forename and surname. Full stops are removed from the title during the iSAMS sync.
  3. Either:
    • If the parent lives with the student, enable the "Student Home" option. This is indicated by a star icon next to the account in iSAMS. 
      As long as there is something in the parent's "RelationshipRaw" field, they will be pulled through regardless of their type of relationship. 
    • In cases where the parent doesn't live with the student, disable the "Student Home" option. 
      Parents will only be pulled through if their "RelationshipRaw" field starts "Mother", "Father", "Guardian" or "Step". This is so we match relationships like "Stepfather".
  4. (Optional) If you wish to pull in the email addresses for the contacts, please ensure that the email address field has been filled in on the parent's record.


If the teacher is not being brought across, please ensure they have:

  1. A title (eg Mr,Mrs,Dr), forename and surname. Full stops are removed from the title during the iSAMS sync.
  2. At least one class assigned.
  3. (Optional) An email address - which will be used as the email of their record on Clubs & Events.


We check for different kinds of classes in the iSAMS API and currently bring across the following (as long as they have assigned teachers):

  • Sets
  • Forms
  • Year Heads
  • House Heads
  • Boarding House Heads
  • Teaching Forms (both the Form Assistant and Secondary Assistant, if one is set, are brought across)
  • Personal Tutors


We check for the following groups in the iSAMS API. These groups just contain students and will only appear as part of the student filter when creating an evening or event:

  • House Groups
  • Boarding House Groups
  • Division Groups
  • Custom Pupil Group
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